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At Johor Bahru, Warakuya Japanese Restaurant   |   August 8, 2016

The dry spouting fountain was installed in Johor Bahru, Warakuya Japanese Restaurant. The fountain was installed in the outdoor of the restaurant. The fountain becomes one of the attractive spots that grad visitors attention while they are waiting for a table to be emptied.

The dry water fountain uses EcoBlu FKC Series single spray jet nozzle to generate straight-through flow from the water base to form a crystal clear transparent water column. It has a ball joint which can be pivoted to 20° from the fountain plain. When vertical spraying, the peak forms embosses and the inclined form in parabola shape.

Meanwhile, Underground Fountain EcoBlu LED-UFL-9 light is used for dry fountain applications. The LED light has IP68 waterproof rating and the shell is made up of high-quality stainless and tempered glass. It is the best choice for energy saving LED light and at the same time, it still able to generate a high power lumination to enhance the appearance of a fountain.